TaxCert.EU provides an unmatched tax compliance auditing service for business operating in Hungary. Whether you are an International firm doing business in Hungary, or you are a local firm, the services we offer might be just what you need.

If you would like to verify the validity of a business transaction, or you want to make sure, that the standard operations of your business are in accordance with current Hungarian Taxation laws, contact us. Our firm can give you legal guarantee, that your operations comply with rules and regulations.

What does legal guarantee mean

Our forensic tax specialists are registered by the state. Their opinion in written statments are accepted by Hungarian courts. In case of disuptes between the Hungarian Tax Authority and a business entity, the statments issued by our forensic specialists cover the firm and can serve as proof, that the activity is in compliance with the law.

This certainity eliminates a lof of risk, and can insure the safe operation of your business.

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